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 Ch. White Rock American Beauty

Ch. Grand Prix Icon O' Class

Ch. Rounder's Dynamic Deluxe

Ch. Rowdytown's Piece of the Rock

Rounder's Snowflake

Grand Prix Double Helix

Ch. Tonkawa's Big Tex

Carr's Little Ann Of Rounders

Ch. Gardner's Rowdy Ruby Skillet

Ch. Canam Rowdytown Iron Skillet

Ch. Rowdytown Hardrock Cafe

Ch. Panda Bear

 Ch. White Rock Rowdy Angel

Ch. White Rock Perry The Fridge

Ch. Rowdytown Natalie Coal

CH.White Rock Hartagold BLACK LABEL

 CH. Chasqui White Rock Indiana

CH. Chasqui Red Raging Bull

Ch. Evergreen's Raven

 CH. Skram's White Rock Pearl

 CH. Skram's Chasqui Black Sheila

CH. Logue's White Rock Ox Bomber

 CH. Skram's White Rock Pearl

 Ch, FAST"E" Hartagold Standing Ovation CH White Rocks Lone Star Dallas

Ch,White Rock's Gem Dandy

CH. White Rock Rowdy Angel

CH.White Rock Tuffer Than Taffy

CH. White Rock Perry the Fridge

CH. White Rock Mist O'Joe's Creek




           CH. White Rock American Beauty                CH.White Rock Hartagold BLACK LABEL