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Our History, Family and Pets

"Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching."
Rudyard Kipling


Back in 1981 is when I was introduced to my first American Staffordshire Terrier. My husband advised me that he wanted to get a "Pit Bull". Being an AKC dog enthusiast I never heard of the breed "Pit Bull". So I purchased a magazine to see if he could point out a picture of one of these dogs. He actually showed me two different dogs. One was a White Bull Terrier and the other was an American Staffordshire Terrier.
Preferring the look of the Amstaff I then proceeded to contact a local breeder. Her name was Jane Rebello of the Touch O'Class Kennels. Jane made an appointment for us to come and look at some puppies at her home. It was there that I fell in love with my very first AST.
The first person Ruff took to was my one year old Sarah. As the litter of happy four month old puppies ran bounding all over the yard, Ruff quietly came over and sat himself down right next to Sarah as if that's where he belonged. We took Ruff home that day. He remained her buddy throughout her growing up years. At one point he became lost for 5 months. After a gruelling search he was successfully found and returned. So attached was he to Sarah that when we went to retrieve him, he looked at us, bowed his head, gave his tail a wag and came and sat himself by her side, as if to say 'finally I'm back where I belong.'
Unfortunately, my marriage with Ed (now deceased) didn't last, but my love for the American Staffordshire Terrier did. I became very familiar with Ruff's pedigree (he was third generation decended from the original Ruffian line, grandson of Ch. Ruffian Red Rock Of Har-Wyn) I then educated myself through books and further pedigree research as to the origin and evolution of our breed.
Having had at least one or more AST's throughtout the last 22 years and having now a good background as to what goes into a good AST, I now have begun planning my own breeding program, selecting my foundation bitch from the White Rock Kennels in Texas, co-owning her with her breeder Dr. H. Richard "Dick" Pascoe. It is under his guidance that I hope to produce dogs that are of the best quality and most trustworthy temperments. Dogs worthy of being called American Staffordshire Terriers.

My Family

We are a closely knit family which consists of husband Donald Mc Neal, my two older daughters Sarah ,27; April ,25; Eddie and Freddie my twin boys,22; David,16 and Johnny, 14. I live with my  sons and am currently attending college. I am often seen at dog shows with my two younger sons (my "enterage") who assist me with equipment, in making last minute preparations and most importantly, in giving me the moral support and good luck hugs before entering the ring! We all live together quite nicely in sunny Southern California in Orange County, relatively close to the beach!


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